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Remote Control EMS Foot Massager


  • Material  : Composite Material
  • Color  : Black
  • Item Type  : Massage & Relaxation
  • Application  : Foot
  • Shipping  : China, United Kingdom, United Status, France, Germany
  • Material  : Composite Material
  • Color  : Black
  • Origin  : CN(Origin)
  • Item Type  : Massage & Relaxation
  • Application  : Foot
  • Feature 1  : Relaxation
  • Feature 2  : Physiotherapy
  • Feature 3  : remote control
  • Feature 4  : acupuncture foot
  • Charging  : USB
  • SKU  : TDM14753
1. EMS. Electrical muscle stimulation, also known as neuromuscular electricalstimulation (NMES) is the elicitation of uscle contraction using electric impulses.  The impulses minic the action potential coming from the central nervous system, causing the muscles to contract. EMS is proven to be quite effectiveas a proactive tool for muscle strengthening.
2. Through EMS technology, this product is designed with a foot mat as electrodes to stimulate your feet, ankles, achilles tendons as well as calf muscles for muscle contraction and relax which promarily boost blood circulation.
2. Foldable, with Remote Control, portable and easy to use.
3. 6 Modes, 10 Intensity Levels. Please set a lower intensity when you use it at first time. Please adjust it after you are adapt to low intensity.
4. USB charging. The main controller is usb charging battery, remote control is working with CR2032 Lithium battery.
What’s EMS used for?
 – Muscle strengthening
 – Rehabilitaiton purposes
 – Preventing disuse muscle atrophy
 – Increasing local blood circulation
 – Relaxation of muscles
 – Cosmetic muscle toning
Package Included
1 x Foot Massage Mat
1 x Controller
1 x Remote Control
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual

PDS Fashion



Material (Wellness)

Composite Material

Processing Time

10 Days to 20 Days


World Wide


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